Taranaki dairy

This release provides key points and budget tables from the 2010 dairy monitoring programme for the Taranaki dairy model. Please note that the sample of farms has changed between 2008/09 and 2009/10. Caution should be taken when comparing data between these two years.

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Key points

Taranaki dairy model tables and graph

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Information about the model

The Taranaki dairy model represents approximately 1770 dairy farms in the Taranaki region. The model is based on an owner-operated business with a predominantly cross-bred herd. It does not own a run-off but grazes replacement stock off the farm and buys in 8 to 12 percent of feed used.

The model is created from information drawn from 25 dairy farms and a wide cross section of agribusiness representatives. The aim of the model is to typify an average dairy farm for Taranaki. Budget figures are averaged from the contributing properties and adjusted to represent a real dairy farm. Income figures include off-farm income, new borrowing, and other cash income.

For more information on this model contact: loretta.dobbs@maf.govt.nz