SFF Project Summary

Education and consultation process for indigenous forestry best management practices and standards

Project Title: Education and consultation process for indigenous forestry best management practices and standards
Grant No.: 01/086

Contact Details

Name of Applicant Group: Indigenous Forest Certification Steering Group
Contact Person: Dr Colin O'Loughlin
Address: 38 Longhurst Terrace
Telephone 1: 03 332 8768
Telephone 2:

Project Details

Status: finished
SFF Funding: 92,139
Total Project Funding: 167,479
Proposed Start Date: 2001-08
Proposed Finish Date: 2003-07
Region: National
Sector: Forestry
Sub-sector: Farm forestry
Topic: Information transfer
Decision management and support
Land development opportunities
Alternative land use

Project Description

The project consists of two components. The first component involves the formation of a technical committee whose purpose is to develop a comprehensive set of indigenous forest management standards under the internationally recognized FSC system. Development of the standards involves extensive consultation with forest management and timber industry stakeholders, reference to existing standards and best management practices and a comprehensive review system. The standard development process will be completed in June 2002.

The second component involves a series of 6 workshops / field days scattered throughout the country where forest owners and timber processors and manufacturers are presented with the options for forest management based on a set of best management practices currently being developed in parallel with this project, and the standards developed in the first part of this project. An outline of the marketing opportunities available for indigenous forest products will also be presented at the workshops. The second component will be completed in June 2003.

Problem / Opportunity that the Project is Addressing

Currently the standards of indigenous forest management for productive and protective purposes are extremely variable. This is reflected across the country by the variability in the health and condition of indigenous forest vegetation. This project is aimed at improving this situation by raising the awareness of forest owners and other industry stakeholders about:

Progress to Date

As at March 2002 more than 50 stakeholders have been identified and placed on a stakeholder database. A Technical Committee has been established and a set of draft indigenous forest management standards has been prepared, Currently the draft standards document has been widely disseminated, preparations for the review of the draft have been completed and the review is about to begin.

Hyper-links to Web Pages Related to the Project

A copy of the draft standards is available on the NZIF website www.forestry.org.nz under "news".