SFF Project Final Report

Project Title: To publish a book entitled Guide to Farm Forestry - A Hawke's Bay Perspective
Grant No.: L03/010

Contact Details

Name of Applicant Group: Hawkes Bay Branch of the New Zealand Farm Forestry Association
Contact Person: Susan Mackintosh
Address: Matahorua Road
PO Box 35
Hawke's Bay
Telephone 1: 06 8397 307
Telephone 2:
Email: sue.mac1588@xtra.co.nz

Project Details

Status: finished
SFF Funding: 9,537
Total Project Funding: 47,019
Proposed Start Date: 2003-09
Proposed Finish Date: 2004-01
Region: Hawkes Bay
Sector: Forestry
Sub-sector: Farm forestry
Topic: Alternative land use
Decision management and support
Information transfer
Land development opportunities

Updated: 01 February 2008


To produce a book that will contain as much information and references as possible to soil type, climate, site selection, species selection, tree establishment, care and harvesting of trees in Hawke's Bay. Much of this information is available but it is scattered and hard to source. The aim of the book was also to record the wisdom and experiences of Hawke's Bay's most successful and senior Farm Foresters. We wanted a book that was appealing, easy to read and use as a field manual.


At the Annual General Meeting of the Hawke's Bay Farm Forestry Association in February 2002 the idea of writing a book was broached and the meeting approved to support this project financially. The first task was to distribute a questionnaire to members of the Hawke's Bay Farm Forestry Association seeking their knowledge and experiences with regard to trees. Interviews with some of the respondents followed. These were mostly completed by Alec Olsen The content and chapter layout was discussed. The information in Chapter two consisting of Farm Forestry zones in Hawke's Bay, soil types, aspect and climate was largely researched and written by Simon Stokes. The tree information in Chapter three was collected and written by Kevin Thomsen. Producing this book involved regular meetings with some lively discussions and debates. The team wanted to "get it right". Writing of other content and selecting photos to be included was very much a team effort as was editing and proof reading. Sue Mackintosh was responsible for funding applications and keeping sponsors informed of the book progress. What began as a project to write a field manual on tree planting in Hawke's Bay resulted in three years work and a lovely book packed with information and photographs.


In the first month we have sold 100 books of the 500 printed. We are confident all will be sold. Future plans? Another print run.