SFF Project Summary

Project Title: Indigenous Forestry - information dissemination
Grant No.: L06/036

Contact Details

Name of Applicant Group: Indigenous Forestry Section (IFS) of the NZ Farm Forestry Association (NZFFA)
Contact Person: John Wardle
Address: C/- Woodside Forest Ltd
PO Box 40
Telephone 1: 03 312 4171
Telephone 2:
Facsimile: 03 312 4171
Email: wardlejr@xtra.co.nz

Project Details

Status: finished
SFF Funding: 18,000
Total Project Funding: 93,700
Proposed Start Date: 2006-06
Proposed Finish Date: 2009-06
Region: National
Sector: Forestry
Topic: Information transfer

Updated: 21 April 2010

Final report

Latest update

Tree Grower August 2008 [PDF 1MB]

Indigena: sample articles from August 2007 issue:

Project description

The project aims to make available to land managers information  relating to:

 1. Management of existing native forest on private land for conservation or production purposes.

 2. Establishment and management of new plantings of indigenous species for riparian protection, biodiversity enhancement and  timber production

The issue/opportunity

Many farmers and other land occupiers have existing indigenous forest on the properties they manage. Others wish to establish new areas of forest using native species.

Most have an interest in the establishment and management of such areas for a number of reasons, e.g. conservation management, sustainable wood production, riparian management, shelter and amenity.

Few have the knowledge or confidence to manage indigenous species for these purposes.

The context/background

The NZFFA established an Indigenous Forest Section in July 1995.  A major reason was to provide information to farmers and others on indigenous forestry matters. A newsletter, ‘Indigena’, was produced quarterly as a vehicle for such information dissemination.

 Continued production of the ‘Indigena’ currently relies on financial contribution, as well as the accumulated funds of the IFS. To maintain the quality and effectiveness of the journal in the long term requires the distribution is increased.


Increasing the distribution of the journal and promotion of the information it contains is to be undertaken by:

 1. Increasing the relevance of the journal to land managers by sourcing quality articles of practical significance.

 2. Holding a national ‘indigenous’ field day annually associated the national AGM of the NZFFA.

 3. Encouraging individual branches of the NZFFA to host field days with an indigenous component annually.

 4. Raising the profile of the journal by advertising its contents in relevant magazines and at field days.

Latest Update: March 2007

We have been disseminating information regarding the establishment and maintenance of indigenous tree species for both environmental enhancement and timber production.

Production of the “Indigena” magazine quarterly, each issue has eight relevant informative articles.

We have been assisting Branches of the NZFFA to hold field days about indigenous forestry.