SFF Project Summary

Project Title: Forest Products Technology E-Transfer
Grant No.: L07/028

Contact Details

Name of Applicant Group: Innovatek Ltd Forestry Industry Engineering Association
Contact Person: Brent Apthorp
Address: PO Box904
Telephone 1: 03 470 1902
Telephone 2:
Facsimile: 03 470 1904
Email: brent.apthorp@innovatek.co.nz

Project Details

Status: finished
SFF Funding: 18,968
Total Project Funding: 29,590
Proposed Start Date: 2007-07
Proposed Finish Date: 2008-07
Region: National
Sector: Forestry
Topic: Information transfer

Last updated: 20 October 2008

Final report

Project description

Innovatek Ltd. has developed the most widely read weekly e-newsletter; Friday Offcuts (see www.fridayoffcuts.com). It is being sent out each week to now to close to 4000 readers directly employed within the Australasian forestry, wood products and pulp and paper industries and is being read by many more. Friday Offcuts has very quickly established itself as the principal vehicle for up-to-date news on issues impacting on the forestry sector.

A new section on the Friday Offcuts web site is being established. It is called “Technology Showcase”. A full cross section of papers and presentations from the past five years from an extensive array of forestry and wood products technology programmes run by Innovatek Ltd and the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA), a division of Innovatek, will be added to the page in the next 12 months. This will provide one of the most effective technology transfer resources for forestry and wood products companies in New Zealand.

The issue/opportunity

FIEA has since 1998 run a large number of technical programmes for New Zealand forestry and wood products companies. The objective of the technology updates is to provide an independent forum where wood producers, largely distant from most major technology providers in North America and Europe, can evaluate a range of new product and process technologies suited to their own operations.

The technology programmes are designed to improve the performance and productive capability of wood products companies. Appropriate technologies are identified world-wide by Innovatek in conjunction with industry, researchers and key technology providers. Those selected for the programmes are suited to the wood resource and size and operation of local wood processing and manufacturing companies. Those who attend the technology programmes are exposed to a number of carefully designed tools (including very detailed proceedings) that Innovatek has developed. They maximise the opportunity of programme attendees to learn and interact with leading Australasian and international expertise. FIEA as the event organiser has now built up the most extensive resource of information on new forestry and wood products technologies (detailed papers and PowerPoint presentations) in New Zealand. This information is an essential resource for local companies who are looking to improve their financial and operating performance.

The issue that this project is attempting to address, is how can this information be more widely disseminated to those within the industry who were for whatever reason, unable to participate in the technology programmes when run? Also, if available, how best can it be promoted so that industry is able to access and continue to refer to and use this resource? The development of the “Technology Showcase” will provide this technology transfer mechanism.

The context/background

For most forest products companies, technology providers are largely based in either North America or Europe. Technology transfer programmes are being run in New Zealand by Innovatek Ltd to provide a vehicle to disseminate information on new and emerging technologies that can be adopted by local companies. The collated resources from these programmes are not being widely disseminated outside of those individuals and companies that are attending. The "Technology Showcase" provides a unique tool to get this detailed information out to a much wider audience.


As outlined above, Innovatek will set up a web page as part of the already very popular e-newsletter, Friday Offcuts. To the page will be attached an array of presentations that have been made in past programmes and events during the next 12 months. Links will be made on a regular basis within the newsletter to new additions to the page to draw wood products companies to the site. In addition, promotional materials to profile the site and resources will be developed and integrated into the technology transfer events being run - through direct mail and at each event with inclusion of promotional materials in proceedings, as part of the managed exhibitions.