SFF Project Summary

Project Title: On-line pest and disease database for forestry
Grant No.: L07/048

Contact Details

Name of Applicant Group: NZ Farm Forestry Association
Contact Person: Dean Satchell
Address: 33(b) Skudders Beach Road
Telephone 1: 09 4075525
Telephone 2:
Email: dsatch@xtra.co.nz

Project Details

Status: finished
SFF Funding: 14,300
Total Project Funding: 19,800
Proposed Start Date: 2007-05
Proposed Finish Date: 2008-05
Region: National
Sector: Forestry
Sub-sector: Farm forestry
Topic: Information transfer
Pest & disease

Final report

Weblink: Forest Health Pests and Diseases

Project description

The project will organise and catalogue information and photographs as a searchable website that allows users to follow links to information relevant to them. A large amount of information will be available as a single resource as a user-friendly HTML database. The website will be located at www.NZFFA.org.nz

The issue/opportunity

A large resource of information is available from Ensis and other sources but requires sourcing, selecting, cataloguing and converting to html format to be available as an online and updateable information resource. This will provide foresters and interested parties with a "one stop shop" of information on forestry pests and diseases in New Zealand.

The context/background

Information is presently available for a range of forestry pests and diseases from a range of sources, but specific information can be very difficult and time consuming to locate. Printed matter is available only from libraries, while PDF files, although available online, are often not subject-based.


HTML format allows building of on-line information resources that cross-link and are searchable with keywords. By having the information as a single on-line resource, users can access information in a very simple and straight-forward manner. Printed material and electronic documents will be converted to html and added to the website, which is fully updateable.

Update April 2008

This information website is up and running and available for public use. Keywords typed in google provide links to this website, and there is a link from the Farm forestry website homepage.

The forestry pest and disease website is found at: http://www.nzffa.org.nz/pests/Forestry_pests_and_diseases.html

Addition of new material will take place during 2008. So far approximately 425 pages with around 650 images have been loaded on this website in a user-friendly and easily searchable format. During 2008 the website will be “officially” launched with an article in the Tree Grower. The forest health community have been made aware of the website with a presentation at the Forest Biosecurity Consultative Committee and FOA Forest Health Workshop in March 2008. Feedback is expected to provide improvements and additions to the site.